Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Joy of Tech a joke on the Dev Centre Status Page

With all of the distractions and sensationalism in the tech media these days, it’s tough to rlly understand how is doing as a company. It seems like everyrumoris followed by an ‘ is doomed’ report, and it probably doesn’t help that it’s so secretive.But never fr, as usual,Joy of Techis here to help clr up some of the confusion in a way that only it can. The comic crtor has put together a Status page—yh, similar to the one made for its Dev Center—to show where is at on a lot of things…Here’s your comic (viaAllThingsD):There’s actually some pretty good ones in there. For example, Maps’ status of ‘Getting There’ makes sense, as it’s gottena lot bettersince it launched last yr. Others are a ways off, though, like the Status of ‘Uh Oh’ Bob Mansfield, who seems to bedoing just fine.My favorite has to be the ‘Danger’ status of how long can keep saying it has amazing new products in the pipeline. has always oversold itself, but its yr-long absence from the new product circuit makes the statement noticbly more insipid than usual.Anyway, which one is your favorite?

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