Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jim Dalrymple confirms ’s iPhone Event on September 10

Boom, just like that an independent and unambiguous confirmation of ’s rumored iPhone-focused media event, apparently due in less than a month, has now arrived.You’ll remember that two days agoAllThingsDwas first to claim that Tim Cook & Co. will take the wraps off of a next-eration iPhone at a media event on September 10.AllThingsD is a Wall Street Journal blog which rarely publishes unconfirmed rumors, but despiteits aura of credibility it’s always nice receiving an independent confirmation of a major rumor like this. Monday, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has thrown its proverbial ‘yep’ behind the AllThingsD rumor, all but confirming the September 10 event…The(pictured top of post next to Slash) has spoken:From AllThingsD: is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10YepJim has excellent sources that are seemingly deeply entrenched in ’s PR so when he yeps or nopes a rumor, you can bet he’s not pulling it out of thin air. Some watchers consider him to be ’s unofficial moutiece so there’s little wiggle room for misinterpretation here.In the mntime, hasn’t commented on the event yet, which is the company’s standard modus operandi that has served it well over the yrs as it helps build tremendous anticipation for free.We’re expectingmultiple iPhonnnouncements, including the mid-cycle S-upgrade: theiPhone 5Swith beefed up specs like afaster A7 chip, afingerprint sensorand a12-megapixel camerawithdual-LED flashforimproved night shootingand super slow motion capture at120 frames per seconds.There is also compelling evidence pointing to amid-tier iPhonnnouncement, ostensibly branded theiPhone 5C, with the ‘C’ apparently standing for ‘color’.The iDB tm will of course be covering ’s announcement as it happens, bringing you the latest and most important news as it happens – kinda like CNN, but without a commercial brk every fifteen minutes.Who’s alrdy excited? ~ Credits iDB

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