Wednesday, May 18, 2016

iPhone 5C Rr Shell Subjected to Scratch Tests, Caliper Msurements

’s rumored mid-tier handset called the iPhone 5C is said to fture aplastic bodymuch likethe iPhone 3GS, only sturdier. Using polycarbonate plastic in place of the iPhone 5′s sensitive two-tone aluminum + glass combo should yield some much-needed advancements in the scratch resistance department, as shown in a posted by Taiwan’s Daily.The clip also gives us the exactmsurements of the iPhone 5C’s rr shell which, despite rocking the same four-inch screen as the current iPhone 5, apprs to be just slightlytaller and thicker than its high-end counterpart…Taiwan’s Dailyhas gone all out conducting a stress test of the purported iPhone 5C shell by shaking it in a plastic bag together with a bunch of and coins – the items you’d typically find in your pocket.The website cites its sources as claiming that the plastic iPhone a surface hardness of 8H on thepencil hardness test, or three times stronger than the regular PET usedto protect the iPhone’s display from scratches.Another thing to gln from the clip: colors.If the is an indiion, the iPhone 5C will be offered inred, green, white and blue, matching upprevious rumorspretty nicely. There could also be ayellow iPhone 5C variant, according to arecent backplate .As for the dimensions, the rr shell is 59.33mm wide, 124.55mm tall and 8.98mm deep.This compares to the iPhone 5 which msures 58.6mm wide, 123.8mm tall and 7.6mm deep. The slightly wider and taller and a tad thicker iPhone 5C enclosure could be contributed to the use of polycarbonate plastic instd of aluminum.The briefly shows a comparison shot of the iPhone 5 backplate versus the blue iPhone 5S rr shell which we actually spotted rlier today onSina Weibo(but can’t vouch for its authenticity).The blog corroborates rlier claims in terms of internals, reiterating the device will include an improved back camera withdual-LED flashforbetter low-light performance, as well aspretty much the same internals as the iPhone 5 – again, in line with analysts’ expectations of theiPhone 5C replacing the iPhone 5.Considering the iPhone 5 attracts scratches and dings so sily, the iPhone 5C’s scratch-resistant body and more affordable price should make it a hit with cash-strapped buyers. should revl theiPhone 5Sand5 a media event onSeptember 10.

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