Wednesday, May 18, 2016

iPad 5 casing compared to current model in new

With ’sSeptember 10 eventnow less than a week away, all of the tech world’s attention has turned to the next eration i. It’s believed that we’ll see two of them next week: an updatediPhone 5S, and an all-new budgetiPhone 5C.But let’s not forget that these aren’t the only new products in ’s pipeline. The company also has updated iPads in the wings, which are expected to be unveiled in October. And one of them, said to be theiPad 5, was just caught on tape…The above comes fromLewis Hilsenteger of the YouTube channelUnbox Therapy(viaInsider), who believes he has a rr shell and digitizer belonging to the iPad 5. If the parts are legit, the clip offers a unique look at the upcoming tablet.The first thing you notice is the size difference between the next- iPad and its predecessor. As we’vehrd several timesbefore, the new 9.7-inch tablet’s design looks very similar to that of the iPad mini, with smaller bezels and rounded edges.Now, don’t underestimate the significance of this redesign. The fact that the iPad 5 is thinner, lighter and has a smaller footprint will make a big difference to consumers who avoided previous eration models due to size and lack of portability.Unfortunately, outside of its form factor, we can’t gather much from the . And we haven’t hrd much regarding the tablet’s internals, but we assume it’ll run some variation of ’s newA7 processor, and fture a few other spec bumps.Again, we’re not expecting to see the redesigned iPad, or thesecond- iPad miniat ’s event next week. Instd, pundits are calling for a separate October event, like last yr, where we’ll see new tablets, new Macs, andwho knowswhat else.

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