Wednesday, May 18, 2016

iOS 7 Beta 4 Download Links Alrdy Up On Dev Center

Apparently, the download links of iOS 7 Beta 4 are alrdy up ahd of official relse on the Dev Center.While the links are up, unfortunately they don’t appr to be active for download just yet.
The build of iOS 7 Beta 4 is 11a4435d and if all goes well, should be available for download later today.
With the iOS and OS X Dev Center having suffered the perils of asecurity brchduring the past couple of weeks, the relse of iOS 7 beta 4 has been subject to delay. But remedied the issue towards the end of last week as part of a revamp of the entire security system, and for the past couple of days, things have been operating as usual.It’s unknown yet what changes we’re going to be trted to, but with the Cupertino based company having had slightly longer than usual to prepare for this one due toDev Center’s downtimefollowing security brch, there’s certainly a chance that has managed to make even more between-beta progress of iOS 7 than with the past few iterations.The initial beta of iOS 7 was met with a mixed reception, with users taking time to digest the radical new redesign. But with beta 2 bringing some stability to the fold as well as iPad support, progress has been stdily picking up as we draw closer to the end-user relse.Although the betas are mnt for developers due to their unfinished state and thus lack of stability, many non-developers have jumped on the bandwagon, ger to see what the next version of ’s iconic mobile firmware has in store.
So, as it stands, the official download links for iOS 7 beta 4 should manifest later on today. We will, of course, have all the relevant information as it brks, so make sure you stay tuned to our coverage here at iOS Blog!

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