Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Intertubes respond to ’s imminent note with parody s

As we count the remaining minutes until ’siPhone 5S/5Cnote (85 minutes left and counting), the blogosphere has spent the last 48 hours putting together some downright amusing parody s (not mentioning a few clips that are in rlly bad taste) which attempt to downplay today’s inevitable hdlines domination.We’re not complaining – it’s part of an event folklore. Some watchers may be expecting a revolution, but rlistically – today is about two that are based on the iPhone 5: a mid-range model redesigned around a much cer and sturdier plastic enclosure and an S-upgrade with a faster chip, better camera, fingerprint scanning and more.Check them out after the brk and hit us in comments…The following is an elaborate parody which borrows hvily from the familiar concept seen in ’s product tours. It argues in a non-insulting manner that nobody can touch’s level of deception.I’ll take that one as a compliment.The (un)official iPhone 5S note -like is also brilliant, starring Tim Cook, Jony Ive and Phil Schiller.Kudos toTechRadarfor putting the clip together!Finally, we have Andy Media’s take on the gold iPhone 5S commercial.Did you find any of these funny?

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