Wednesday, May 18, 2016

inadvertently asking developers for iOS 7-optimized app icons

With less than two weeks left until the loomingiPhone 5S/5Cevent, is now reportedly asking developers to submit larger app icons optimized for the new iOS 7 resolutions. Because has slightly enlarged app icons in iOS 7, third-party appliions which support only iOS 6 icon sizes appr with asmall white border onthe iOS 7 Home screen.Ahd of ’s iOS 7 launch (presumablyalongside the new i in September), seems to be asking developers to submit larger app icons. As part of iOS 7′s dramatic interface changes, the Home screen icons have been slightly enlarged compared to the iOS 6 icons.For example, as shown in the above, the non-iOS 7-optimized Netflix icon has a small white border compared to ’s icons.In order to avoid this interface issue, developers will need to include larger icons in their appliions. iOS 6 icons on the iPhone come in at 114 x 114 pixel resolutions, while iOS 7 icons are slightly larger at 120 x 120 pixel resolutions. For the iPad, iOS 6 icons are at resolutions of 144 x 144, and on iOS 7 they come in at a resolution of 152 x 152:
“ does not explicitly mention iOS 7 in the email, but the resolutions match iOS 7′s requirements,”the publiion wrote.This compares to iOS 6 Retina requirements: 114-by-114 pixels for the iPhone and 144-by-144 pixels for the iPad. According toManbolo,the corner radius of iOS 7 iconshas been changed slightly to allow for a smoother apprance, see below. urging devs to update app icons is a tell-tale sign of an imminent iOS 7 launch.Although new i are not expected to be available on the United States and other markets untilSeptember 20, is expected to unlsh the publiciOS 7 build at the September 10 event, allowing existing users to install the software on their devices.

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