Wednesday, May 18, 2016

FingerPrint Sensor in iPhone 5S Confirmed

Last yr, one of the most significant events if not the most significant for products was none other than the replacement of traditional port connection to the new 30-pin Lightning port.The abandonment of this standard was only a rumor until the dayNoWhereElse.frpublished the pictures of the famous 16-pin connector.This yr, two new size is a priori program of festivities lettuce ...The first one concerns theiPhone 5Cplastic with which the California firm will address the middle-end market.Strategic choice unthinkable even a yr ago that.The other big surprise is related to its share of the fingerprint rder would be integrated into the Home button on theiPhone 5S.

Some more or less convincing evidencehave been nice to give weight to the noise corridors during the past few weeks, nothing has so far allowed us to say that this rumor was true.It is in this context that I will submit what may beproof that you were expecting...I propose today and until the press conference scheduled today at 19h, to discover what was presented to me asan official illustration contained in the user guide for the iPhone 5S(photo-cons) .Sent by one of my sources that I would describe as very reliable, so this picture confirms at first integrationofasensitive sensor identifier(ID Touch Sensor) button to return to the home adorned with a silver bezel of the future replacement for the iPhone 5S.I say at first becauseno truth is acquired until it has not been confirmed by official channels.But I will say thatthis is 99% accurate... We are anyway fixed in a few hours ...Finally, note thatthis same source also told methat the iPhone 5S will be marketed asmodel A1533and the darker variation was calledSpaceSpace GreyGrayis literally in our butiful language.With that, I wish you a grt note tou (te) s and invites you to move to follow me via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts accessible from links in the bio below advance.

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