Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Links: iTunes 11.1 Beta for Mac/

seems to be busily getting its developerrelses out there today after the security brch which resulted in the entire system being dragged offline. Along with the news that iOS 7beta 4 is finally making its apprance today, iTunes11.1 has also been relsed to those registered to ’s Developer Program. The updated iTunes 11.1 beta 1 is quite limited at this point, given that it only works on the fruit company’s very on OS X, but does includeiTunes Radiointegration for those living in the United States. More details can be found right after the jump.We waited quite a while for iTunes 11 to finally make its apprance, and after much delay, relsed the big revamp of its famed media player late last yr. Despite some criticisms and ignoring the fact that it’s still a bit of a resource hog, iTunes 11 has been erally well received, and although iOS 7 beta has been more than a distraction to ’s dev tm, the company has still found time to prepare iTunes 11.1 beta.So, what does the new beta bring? Well, aside from the aforementioned iTunes Radio support, there is also the usual array of performance enhancements and bg fixes, so if you’re a registered developerwith a keen interest in the workings of iTunes, you might wish to hd over to the Dev Center and give this one a download.
Download iTunes 11.1 beta for mac:Link 1
Download iTunes 11.2 beta for mac: here

iTunes Radio, for those unfamiliar, is the Cupertino outfit’s forthcoming music strmingservice, which is set to be a fture of the soon-to-be-relsed iOS 7.At this point, as mentioned rlier, it only works on the Mac, and although we’d expect to be factored in at some point, you should only download this one if you own a machine running OS X. Furthermore, you have to be in the United States to get iTunes Radio up and running, so provided you meet the prerequisites, you can try out iTunes 11.1 beta 1 for yourself right now.

Plse br in mind, that this is a beta, and so not quite rdy for prime time consumption just yet. Thus, if you’re signed up as a developer for purpose of trying out iOS 7 beta rly, plse note this version of iTunes, like iOS 7, will have its fair share of imperfections; particularly since it’s a first beta.If you do happen to give the new beta a whirl, be sure to let us know how you get on by dropping a comment via the usual channels.

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