Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Link: Procrte IPA for iPhone/iPod/iPad

The winner of the2013 Design Award, the iPad illustration app Procrte bySavage Interactive has never csed to amaze me with its natural-looking brushes, deep bench of ftures,its gorgeous interface and the incredibly accurate and smooth Silica painting engine.Hot on the heels of Monday’s introduction of Wacom’spressure-sensitive Intuos Crtive Stylusfor iPad, Savage has now updated the app with support for the new Wacom hardware.Procrte version 1.9 also includes a powerful new capability: full HD canvas recording. Go past the fold for the full revl…Canvas recording taps the Silica engine to let the software automatically record your progress with full HD (1,920-by-1,080) maximum output. You can share the s to your Camera roll, Dropbox, iTunes or Email.In addition, ch clip gets end with a nice start splash of your final artwork.The good news doesn’t stop here.“As a thank you to our community after winning an Design Award,”developers announced that all Artery brushes in Procrte are now completely free.Procrte IPA[iPhone/iPadDownload]Version: 1.5mediafire[Plse Report Links]Moreover, grain files and all other in-app purchases are now available free of charge in your Pro library.Here’s a nice Procrte tour.Other ftures in this Procrte relse include improved support for Dropbox, iTunes export and Adonit Jot Touch, as well as the vastly improved brush cursor and the obligatory bug fixes.Wacom’s new digital styluses, due to hit store shelves in October, support iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini and come with a case, extra tips and a replacement battery. The devices recognize 2,048 pressure levels while ignoring stray palm touches.In addition to Procrte, other popular apps have been updated with Wacom support, including ’sSketchBook ProandArtRage.My drawing skills are non-existents, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending countless hours trying to become a Procrte artist. The app is the closest thing I’ve found to pencil and paper with layers and I wholehrtedly recommend you give it a try.Procrte is available for the iPad in exchange forfive bucks. The download comes in at 53.9MB and requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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