Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Link: Empires II IPA for iPhone/iPod/iPad

World domination empire building games normally have a list of rules that take longer to rd than playing the game does. It is hard to find one that is simple, fun, and comes with a basic set of rules that most people could follow.Empires IIis a world domination game where your only goal is to capture all of the land. At the end of the game, you will either eliminate your enemies and control all territories, or be eliminated yourself…DesignThis game is designed to look much like a board game. There are no markers, tokens, or other game pieces, but the map is flat and sy to see. As you conquer regions, the land will change colors to represent a player’s ownership. For example, if you are green, all land that you conquer will turn green. If an opponent is purple, land will turn purple when he or she wins an invasion.All players’ influences are represented by a color bar at the bottom of the screen. The player with the most land will take up the most space on the bar. Smaller sections of color will represent the others.The of army units you have in a territory is displayed next to the name. If you have any ships in a territory, the amount will be listed next to the army in black. If you move armies, the new territory will have a green next to it to show how many you plan to move when you end your turn.If you conquer an entire region, a flag will appr showing that one lder rules the whole section.GameplayThe goal of the game is to conquer everything. It doesn’t end until one player has achieved world domination. There are four ssons in ch round of the game. The buying sson is in spring. This is the first sson of the game and the only way to begin your adventure. Buy as many armies and ships as possible. The money does not carry over to the next buying sson, so you might as well spend it all. The more territories you own, the more money you rn from the land. If you manage to conquer an entire region, you’ll rn an additional bonus of $10,000 per region, per sson. You can only purchase items in the capital cities that you own.After you’ve purchased as many armies and ships as possible, you can move into summer. In the summer, fall, and winter ssons, you can only move units. This is where you strengthen your defenses, invade territories, and conquer regions.To move armies and ships, tap the territory you want to move them from and then tap where you want to move them to. When you’ve selected two ars, a window will appr that will allow you to select how many you want to move. You can move a maximum that is equal to one less than the of armies you have in a territory. For example, if you have 250 armies in Paris, you can move 249 of them into Marseilles. However, it may not be smart to lve a territory with such a small of armies because the enemy can invade while you are low.After you plan your movement around the world (you can move as many armies as you have on the board without limit), tap the end movement arrow at the bottom right of the screen. This will carry out your orders and the orders of your opponents. If you are invading an occupied country, you will see the battle results at the bottom of the screen. All other movement happens without incident.If you are invading a territory, it is smart to send at lst twice as many armies as your opponent has. For example, if you are invading Saudi Arabia and your opponent has 200 armies, send over 400 to ensure a victory. If a territory has been fortified, it is better to send over four times as many armies. Countries that are an opponent’s capital city are nrly impossible to conquer because they are usually populated with a large of armies, plus they are fortified.There are some basic orders of operation that should be reviewed in the help section so you can better strategize your attack. For example, attacks are resolved in a particular order with England going first, followed by France, then Japan, and so on. So, if you are playing Japan and want to invade Russia and your opponent is playing England and invades Russia during the same sson, England will go first and then Japan will attack the winner of the first battle.When a player eliminates an opponent by taking over all territories he owned, the winner also gets the funds left behind by his rival. The game goes on like this until one person has conquered the entire map.The game can be played alone against computer-erated opponents, against others in pass-and-play style, against others online, or in a co-operative mode online through Game Center.The GoodI love a good world domination board game and this one is very sy to play. There isn’t much strategy involved. Attack the enemy until you win. Build up the biggest armies you possibly can and invade territory after territory until you have conquered them all. It is a grt game for people who are not well versed in the intricacies of more complex empire building board games.The BadBecause the game does not end until one person rules the world, it takes forever to play against computer-erated opponents. Even in sy mode, I spent three hours playing one game. Just when I thought I was about to win, one of my opponents replenished his army and started attacking my territories. I still haven’t completed the game. We are almost even on territories now. It’s like a game of Monopoly that just never ends.ValueEmpires II is only $1.99, which is a grt value for a board game app. However, this is a simple version of a full board game, so it is a good thing it is so inexpensive. Believe me, for only two dollars, you are definitely getting your money’s worth.ConclusionIf you are a fan of empire building board games, you may find this one to be a bit too sy. However, it is enjoyable for its simplicity. If there is such a thing as a casual domination game, this is it. If you have always wanted to try games that involve invading and conquering other countries, but are intimidated by the plethora of rules, try Empires II. It is very sy to pick up and play. The game is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.Download it in the App Store today.Credits ~ iDB

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