Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Link: 2013: Infected Wars IPA for iPhone/iPod/iPad

2013: Infected Wars for iPhone,iPad and iPod TouchAre you rdy to experience the most challenging action horror shooter in the App Store? Ftures the first ever full multiplayer co-op campaign for theiPad,iPhone, andiPod touch. Fight zombies and epic bosses with your friends through post-apocalyptic environments.√ Co-Op Multiplayer √ 4 Character Classes to Level √ Unrestricted Movement √ Console Quality Graphics √ 14 Wpons to MasterA POST APOCALYPTIC WORLD TO SURVIVEDownload Link: Ancient Battle: Rome IPA for iPhone/iPod/iPad:
Link 1The yr is 2013 and the world as we know ithas come to an end. Society has completely down. The Scourge as it has become known is an engineered virus stolen and then relsed upon the world by Al-Qaeda. It was intended to send the West back to the Stone Age by turning their citizens into crazed mutated bsts. In this power, vacuum Al-Qaeda planned to crte a new world order.The infected roam the world and out the few left alive. Pockets of civilization hole up around the planet trying to survive and wther the storm. Courageous and highly-trained groups of mercenaries explore the ddly ruins of civilization to salvage critical supplies and provide defense for these settlements.Their future is in your hands, Mercenary.FULL CO-OP MULTIPLAYER CAMPAIGNOne of the grtest ftures included in 2013: Infected Wars is the option to play with your friends throughout the entire co-op campaign – something never before seen in the App Store. Every part of theGameis designed to be played in both single player and co-op. As you progress deeper into the red zonesmissions become incrsingly challenging, requiring wits and tactical skill to survive!Download and Play with Your Friends Today!CONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICS & SOUND◆ Feel the intensity of being swarmed by hordes of infected zombies and mutants with console quality graphics.
◆ Disturbing sound and voice acting bring the post-apocalyptic world to life.
◆ Developed using Epic’s cutting-edge Unrl Engine 3 for mobile devices.
◆ Rl world physics and ragdoll effects let you see your enemies fly like never before.HUGE IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS TO EXPLORE◆ Complex cinematic events tie in the gameplay and storyline.
◆ Hand crafted gameplay zones and suspense ars ensure dth lurks at every corner.
◆ Mission objectives take you across undergroundsubways, desolatecityscapes, and urban wastelands.FOUR CHARACTER CLASSES TO LEVEL◆ Marine – well rounded and an expert in automatic rifles.
◆ Field Support – likes to get up close and personal specializing in shotguns and pistols.
◆ Sniper – specializing in a support role for their partners the sniper will pick off their targets at range.
◆ Sapper – excels at taking out bosses and groups of enemies very quickly with explosive wpons.14 WPONS TO MASTERFrom close range sawed off shotguns, .50 caliber pistols, grenade launchers, assault rifles, and rocket launchers to everything in between. Only a rl marksmanwill master them all and be a top shot.EPIC BOSSES TO BATTLE◆ Face off against larger than life bosses that can smash the inexperienced player to bits.
◆ Not just zombies – multiple enemy types introduced throughout gameplay.
◆ You must use strategy, tactics, and tmwork to deft these foes.

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