Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Details and of ’s upcoming QX lens-shaped camera : two versions coming later this month

Details of therumored smartphone-compatible, Carl Zeiss lens-weilding camera attachmentfrom , set to be announced tomorrow, have been by alpharumors. The promotional above shows the ftures of the QX100/QX10 “lens-style cameras”.For devices with NFC, a simple tap hooks up the camera/lens and makes it rdy to share or save files right on the spot:For added convenience, the app can be activated using NFC one-touch with compatible devices. Once pictures are taken, they are saved directly on both the phone and the camera*, and can be shared instantly via social media or other common mobile appliions.The device will take advantage of the PlayMemories Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The device will come with a piece to attach to a phone, however, it is also detachable as seen in the .The QX100 and QX10 will be available some time later this month for $500 and $250, respectively.

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