Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Control Unlocker - (Cydia Twk) for Free

Control Unlockeris a cydia twk launched byStevie Hetelekidesin the BigBoss repo for $0.99

The Information Provided by the developer on this twk is:

" Control Unlocker is a twk which allows you to unlock your iDevice with a gaming controller. You may change the pass, customize text and disable Control Unlocker in Settings -> Control Unlocker.
Currently only tested on iOS 6 i and iPods.
Configure options from Settings. "

Control Unlocker cydia twk will be available for free in the repo:

Control Unlocker - (Cydia Twk) for FreeControl Unlocker - (Cydia Twk) for FreeControl Unlocker - (Cydia Twk) for Free

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