Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Compares Second-eration iPad Mini Shell to iPad 5, Current Mini

A new comparing the purported shell of the second-eration iPad mini to the existing iPad mini and the upcoming fifth-eration iPad has surfaced on YouTube. Shared byUnbox Therapy, the shell, which has been previously seen inphotos, has a form factor that is nrly identical to the existing iPad mini.

The only difference between the two shells is the mirrored silver logo on the back of the second-eration mini, which is similar to the mirrored finish seen on prototype fifth-eration iPads shells. The current white and silver iPad mini has a black logo.

While the next iPad mini will not fture any design changes, it is expected to be a major upgrade to the existing iPad mini due to the inclusion of a much-desiredRetina screen.

The also provides a comparison of the mini shell alongside a fifth-eration iPad shell, giving a clr look at the mini-style redesign of the next full-sized iPad. The fifth-eration iPad apprs to be as thin as the iPad mini, and the size difference between the two tablets is smaller, with the iPad mini msuring in at 20cm in height and the fifth-eration iPad msuring 24cm tall.

's fifth-eration iPad has been long rumored to share multiplevisual cueswith the iPad mini, fturing a rounded shell, narrower side bezels, and a more compact design. is expected to unveil both the second-eration iPad mini and the fifth-erationiPad later this yr.

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