Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chinese scalpers now selling ius Bar appointments online

Scalpers stop at nothing to make a few bucks off ’s popularity around the world, and especially in the 1.33 billion people market that is China. As you know, large-scale buyers are known for paying scalpers to stand overnight in snaking queues and buy devices in bulk to resell at a premium.According to a report Monday, scalpers now have a new innovative technique: they are booking up all available ius Bar appointments in ’s retail stores in China for the purposes of selling these slots online…Beijing Morning News(thanks, Robert!) writes about complaints from customers who are unable to reserve an appointment with iuses. This can be put down to scalpers who book Store ius appointments.According to the story, these appointments sell for a few bucks online.While not much, that doesn’t mn the digital age ticket scalpers aren’t profiting handsomely: keep in mind scalpers don’t have to spend money in advance as anyone can book an appointment with a ius using only his or her email address.On top of that, in booking up all the available ius slots they’re inevitably crting a situation where users who need a ius expertise ASAP have no other choice but pay for the privilege.All of the communiion between scalpers and users is handled via instant messaging appliions.Upon sending the payment, users receive login details in an IM message so they could log in to ’s support website and change their appointment details. has to dl with Chinese scalpers on a regular basis.Large-scale buyers often pay scalpers to stand in line and purchase as much iPads and i as they can in order to resell them on gray market, turning a substantial profit. But sometimes things get a little out of control.In January 2012,ahuge fight brokeout between scalpers and regular customers, so much so that had to order a complete shutdown of the Beijing store and call in a SWAT tm.The company took some steps to address the situation by imposing a three-hour window for online reservations, which did little to scare scalpers away who, as we’ve seen, always find innovative ways to outsmart and its consumers who patiently stand in line to buy their product.

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