Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bloomberg: Japan’s largest carrier wants iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C – but with strings

A new report gives a bit more hope to ’s push to widen its base of iPhone global carrier partners. The finance hd of Japan’s largest carrier NTT DoCoMo hints ’s upcomingcolorizediPhone 5SandiPhone 5Cmodels could be sold in this tech-obsessed nation to its customers. However, if wants this plum, it may have to play second fiddle to its Android rival, .Although most recent attention has beenon China, NTT DoCoMo is thelone hold-outin Japan, making the iPhone sold by every major Japanese carrier. In September, is expected to unveil its next-eration iPhone 5S and possibly the budget-minded iPhone 5C in September…The carrier’s Chief Financial r Kazuto Tsubouchi said“there are compelling rsons for and his company to rch an agreement,”reportsBloomberg.While NTT DoCoMo’s addition of the iPhone would let it better compete against its smaller rivals which alrdy sell the smartphone, any agreement might come with strings. The carrier wants to“limit the smartphone’s share of sales to less than 30 percent of the company’s total,”asreported back in June.According to Tsubouchi, the carrier is focused on selling handsets by and . Although NTT DoCoMo has 45 percent of Japan’s wireless users, its growth of users is the slowest of all three of the country’s major carriers.rlier this yr, NTT DoCoMo execs said the iPhone isno longer the end-all, be-allof smart. The comment suggested the carrier was preparing to compete against rivals KDDI and SoftBank without the iPhone in its stable of handsets.

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