Wednesday, May 18, 2016

and Agree to Drop 14 Patents From Impending Trial

Google-owned Mobility and have agreed to drop a combined total of 14 patents from litigation that were part of a Florida lawsuit scheduled to go to trial in 2014. dropped 6 patents in the pending case, while dropped 8, lving 8 total patents to be tried in court, reportsFOSS Patents.
Yesterday (Monday, July 29 2013) and filed a stipulation to dismiss a total of 14 patents from the Miami case. had previously dropped two patents (though it reserved some rights subject to what happens on appl), so the case was down from 24 to 22 patents. Under yesterday's stipulation, drops eight patents and withdraws six, restoring parity. Subject to the court's (very likely) approval of this stipulation, either party will be asserting four patents going forward.The lawsuit history between the two companies started in October 2010 after filed acomplaintwith the ITC accusing of patent infringement, with seeking to bar from importing, promoting, and distributing its products.

The lawsuit ramped up after Googlcquired, with the company furtherexpandingits charges against . As thescope of the lawsuitgrew out of control, the U.S. District Judge in the case, Robert Scola,chastised and for the dispute, calling it a "business strategy that apprs to have no end."

The two companies were given four months to strmline the case, under the thrt of a hold. At this point in time, the two companies will ch assert four patents in the Florida dispute, which is set to begin in August of next yr.

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