Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Activate Command - (Cydia Twk)

Activate Commandis acydia twk launched byrjharris in the BigBoss Repo for Free.

The Information Provided by the developer on this twk is:

" Run shell commands using events.
This twk was crted to use events like double tapping the sleep button to perform home automation tasks such as turning on and off lights or starting a coffee machine that has a web interface using a command like: curl -s -S "".
Activate Command has many other potential uses which are only limited by your imagination and capabilities writing shell commands. Here are some examples:
Show current CPU usage: top -l1 2>/dev/ | grep 'CPU usage:' | sed 's/^.*CPU/CPU/'
Get Siri to rd the current share price: say The share price is "$"`curl -s -S ''`
Show the current IP address: ifconfig | grep inet | awk '{ print $2 }' | grep -v
Show the current wther and forecast: curl -s -S '' | sed 's///gi'| awk '/Current Conditions:/ { inWther = 1 } /href=/ { inWther = 0 } { if (inWther) { print $0 } }'
No icon is added to the home screen. Configuration is performed in the settings app. "

Download Activate Command Cydia Twk

Activate Command - (Cydia Twk)Activate Command - (Cydia Twk)Activate Command - (Cydia Twk)

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