Wednesday, May 18, 2016

iOS 7 includes a smart ‘send from’ fture in Mail

Just a quick note regarding a nice little fture discovery in ’s stock Mail app in iOS 7 that I haven’t seen reported on thus far.Prior to iOS 7, crting a new message in the stock Mail app would normally default to your ‘send from’ email address specified in the Settings app. iOS 7 has changed this behavior, for the better.You see, Mail in iOS 7 is smart enough to figure out who you’re emailing and changes the ‘send from’ value accordingly to match the recipient’s domain. I’ve included screenshots and the full description right after the brk…I fired up the mail app and hit the New Message button to crte a new email message to Sebastien. As you can see on the left screenshot, the Mail app defaults to my personal Gmail ‘send from’ address because that’s the way I set it up in iOS 7 Settings.However, as soon as I chose an email address in the TO field, Mail automatically switched the ‘send from’ value to my iDB email address (which I had set up in Settings, of course).Nt, no?It’s yet another usefuliOS 7 enhancementthat adds up to the frictionless experience in Mail. It’s not just Mail: has also enableddirect Google Contact synchin iOS 7 and the systemboard is now smarter, too.So, do you like the lit ‘send from’ fture in iOS 7 Mail?

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